Rochelle Bates

Rochelle Bates, in addition to teaching the Mongan Method of HypnoBirthing, specializes in sleep regulation, pain management, fertility issues, smoking/vaping cessation, fear and phobia release, anxiety, relaxation, study and test taking improvement, LGBTQ+ issues and self-acceptance and holds many other specialty certificates.

Specialization and Certification

Rochelle specializes in sleep regulation and issues affecting children from age 4 and up: bed wetting, organization and study skills and other issues to help children with confidence, concentration and helping children learn tools for relaxation.

Rochelle is also certified by Fluence as a psychedelic guide, has studied psychedelic psychopharmacology and the clinical use of ketamine for mood disorders and works as a patient advocate and integration guide for Mindfield Wellness, a concierge ketamine clinic in Los Angeles.

In addition to her certification in clinical hypnotherapy from Hypnosis Motivational Institute, Rochelle Bates has advanced certification in many types of specific hypnotherapy:

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